Learn To Leverage The Power Of Digital Advertising To Convert Your Leads Into Booked Appointments, Close More Deals, And Retain Satisfied Clients

We Use A Combination Of Methods To Elevate Your Business

Facebook + Google Ads

Marketing Automation


Let Me Ask You Something...

So you want to build up your online presence but you are either bombarded with informational overload or get a wave of technical confusion that prevents you from moving forward...

We are going to put together a simple marketing solution that shows you step by step what you need to create to not only run Facebook & Google ads effectively, but to turn your leads into real paying clients generating a huge ROI for your business!

We use automation software to streamline your marketing, making your job easier. We are experts in creating lead-capture campaigns, nurturing leads, providing consistent messaging, and best of all -- keeping things SIMPLE!

Are Any Of The Following True?

  • You handled advertising/marketing with no luck gaining low-quality leads
  • You keep getting the attention of expensive agencies
  • You are too busy at the moment with the business operations
  • You are somewhat confused of all the technology and processes behind marketing

So Here Is The Deal

Marketing isn’t easy, But it can be SIMPLE!

I'll show you what you NEED to know about Facebook and Google advertising so you can market your business with confidence.

I'll help you establish a strategy that should keep your calendar BOOKED with sales qualified leads that want your service!

I'll help you establish SIMPLE processes to make it easier for you to manage everything yourself or with your internal team.

I won't consider this to be complete until you are comfortable, you understand how the systems operate, and refresher videos are available to you...

Heck...I'll even show you some Local SEO tactics to help you become COMPETITIVE!

The goal is to be complete with everything in 3 months; the technical stuff, the systems, the training, everything!

The intention is to do a proper hand-off to you or your team at the end of three months.

  • NO more technical confusion
  • NO more information overload
  • NO more bank busting agency fees

Just Check A Few Of Our Past Results!

Coaching Program [Agency]

If you could have a program where 15K could turn into almost 37K would you? Using Facebook Advertising, we were able to take an agency's coaching program into a stream of income that far outweighed any Done-For-You options! To be able to make a positive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) plus get those clients to be recurring on a monthly basis...AMAZING!

Local Event [Entertainment]

This was an event in Atlanta for an Entertainment Company. The goal was to get as many people interested in the event using Facebook Ads with a minimal budget! Now, this was the first time we ever did an event with Offline Conversions BUT there was a tech issue that the Client wasn't worried about. The event was exclusive to Facebook Group members. We are able to get 188 attendees, generating $3810 in total for the event. As of February 2021, the group has over 40k members!

Social Media Consulting [Non-Profit]

A non-profit with a hybrid approach to higher education and entertainment had amazing growth for both Facebook and Instagram. Organic growth may be slower but it is not dead like most want you to believe. Finetune who your audience is and allow your content to do the talking!

Who is this program for?

Solo Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is a hectic lifestyle. If you are stretched too thin and need someone to help you streamline your systems...we have your back!

Local Service Business

Your business is doing well but you find yourself doing a lot of manual work. Let's try to automate your processes and simplify some systems. The goal is to save your time which can ultimately gain money!

The Four Steps To Success

We like to keep the process simple to ensure a high quality of service


Step One: Complete Our Form

The next step is to fill out our form so that we can best serve you and your business goals.


Step Two: Schedule An Appointment

Once you fill out our form and pass checkout, you will be taken to a calendar to schedule a phone call with us. At our appointment, we will go over the finer details of what determines our success and come to a mutual agreement before starting this journey.


Step Three: Implement

After our initial call, we will start working on implementing marketing/sales systems that will save you time, money, and give you a deeper understanding of how they can be streamlined. Remember this is a Done-With-You offer so that you will never be confused about how things work...nobody is left behind!


Step Four: Succeed

When everything is complete, you will then have an understanding of an automatic client acquisition system that will fit your needs.

No Upsells, No Downsells, Just One Ridiculous Offer...

Local Advantage System



  • Systems Audit AND Improvement
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Map Submission
  • Search and Social Ad Account Creation
  • Social Media Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Local Listings
  • Reputation Management
  • Consulting Sessions
  • AND MORE!!!

We are going to be with you until you are PROFICIENT with your systems! We see a lot of businesses not having everything in place, no matter what industry you serve, we can get you started on the right foot!


Look at what others had to say about us!



A great team of highly skilled experts who are down-to-earth and easy to work with! Would recommend for help with any business!



I would highly recommend this company, they have helped me in so many ways I would have never thought possible. I am so glad I ran into this company they helped me with all my marketing needs This company is the best when it comes to marketing, they mean business...



I was stuck with a marketing task I was performing for my client. I reached out to Imani advantage and they took the time and effort to understand my problem, guide my all the way through the process. They even cared enough to follow up on their own.


All The questions that you "should" be asking

  • What if I don't have a Facebook Business Page?

I highly recommend a Facebook Business Page just based on the remarketing value alone. Whatever works for you is what we will work with but be advised, taking away a part of our process can deter better results.

  • I have a brick and mortar business but it is not a home service based business, can I apply?

I think home service professionals would benefit more but streamlining your systems to enhance your marketing and sales can be applied anywhere. Let's really think about it for a minute... if we are not a good fit for each other or you are in a business that I can not help, then we have no problem refunding (we encourage it).

  • Do I have to start advertising after all of this is setup?

Absolutely not! You do whatever you are comfortable with. If you want to run an advertising campaign immediately or you wanted to wait a while, that is totally up to you because you are the business owner. It is highly recommended to run advertising campaigns though...

  • Can you work with the tools I am already using?

That will always be the original intent, but what I have noticed is that business owners have stretched themselves thin by using multiple tools that can be doing the same thing! Ultimately, I am saying yes BUT you will have options. We will always discuss what will work best for you. We also use a software that has helped us eliminate a lot of needless tools.

  • What happens after 3 months?

Normally, we have a small charge of $147/month to help maintain the systems put in place. This includes our Business Automation Software, a monthly consulting session, and a data analytics dashboard. you just follow whatever strategy you want to implement. If you want to continue with us managing your lead gen campaigns and maintaining the systems, then there will be no change of service! Our intention is to do a proper hand off at the end of month 3, we have zero intention of charging ridiculous retainer fees like most agencies.

  • What if I want a refund?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee refund policy. No questions asked!

Who are we?

Joshua and TaJua

Founders of Imani Advantage

  • Military family for 12 years+
  • Facebook Blueprint Certified
  • Google My Business Agency Partners
  • Joshua is from Louisville, KY
  • TaJua is from Macon, GA
  • We bet you cant say both of our names 5 times fast

We are a husband and wife team comprising of a Digital Marketing Specialist and a Virtual Assistant. When our powers get a smooth blend of marketing, project management, and organizational development (smoother than Michael Jackson's criminality).

We want to work closely with purpose-driven brands and believe local services have done so much for our is time to give back!

Local Advantage System

We will set everything up with you so that you can dominate the local market!



  • Systems Audit AND Improvement
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Site Map Submission
  • Search and Social Ad Account Creation
  • Social Media Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Local Listings
  • Reputation Management
  • Consulting Sessions
  • AND MORE!!!

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are our personal sales figures. Please understand our results are not typical, we are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of freelancing for digital marketing agencies since 2019. This offer is for the proactive business owner that wants a solution. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET WITH OUR PROGRAM.